All About Stone Veneers

In a quest to achieve the perfect balance between modernity, elegance and also been “different, people all over the world, are trying to renovate and redecorate their apartments and houses, once every few years. After all, home is your heavenly abode and you should feel like coming “home” after a rough day at work! Thus, having a nice, warm place of your own is a great idea. It is even better if you have a decent budget to splurge for decorating your house.

Stone Veneers are usually natural and come directly from Mother Earth. Thus, the shades, colors and hues of such stone veneers are beyond imagination and cannot be easily replicated. They go well with most surrounding, are mostly durable and you can buy them keeping in mind your budget!

But as is the case with most things, stone veneers also have their own advantages and disadvantages.


  • One of the biggest advantages is the fact that it is “natural”
  • It is also easier to install than many artificial stones and materials
  • Usually, it is thinner and is of reduced size. Thus, shipping becomes manageable and less expensive
  • It goes well with all interiors because it can be procured in all natural shades, colors and patterns
  • Because of its “naturalness”, it is near impossible to replicate them and you can have the privilege of being “exclusive”


  • If you are looking very easy installation, stone veneers may not be perfect for you
  • They are also more fragile and thus may chip or break off – both during installation or afterwards also
  • It requires some maintenance on the part of the owner

Well, there are many materials in the market that can suit or need or even be better than stone veneers for the kind of interiors that you are looking for. Visit us at for details on different types of materials that can used, their advantages, prices, shipping expenses etc. We offer one of the best services and products when it comes to stones and other interior materials!

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