Copper Quartzite Stone Suppliers-Offering High Compressive Strength Stones

Copper Quartzite is an attractive natural stone, which is used widely for interior as well as exterior decoration. The stone is used as Tiles, Flooring, Slab, and Countertop. Mined in North India this stone is available in beautiful reddish pink tinge along with a smooth natural finish and a beautiful glow. This makes the stone most preferred for d├ęcor purposes.

We at Mstone are renowned suppliers of Copper Quartzite stones available in different colours and shapes. In fact, copper quartzite stones offered by us have found immense success in both commercial and residential applications.
Formed from sandstone, this stone is formed as a result of heat and pressure related to the tectonic movement of earth plates, and tectonic compression inside ergogenic belts. These stones have great compressive strength that allows it to bear weight easily.

The colour of quartzite varies from white to grey. In fact, these stones are available in various shades of red, yellow, orange, silver, grey, white, and green. While the pink colour is due to the deposits of iron oxide found in the stone, the red and the other colours like yellow and orange is due to the presence of some primal impurities present in the stone, which strengthen during the process of metamorphosis.

At Mstone, we offer our clients copper quartzite stone and stone products of unsurpassed quality, which in turn have helped us in developing favourable relationships with the clients. Owing to the features of smooth natural finish, great compressive strength and attractive colours, these stones are high in demand.

So, if you are looking to provide natural and exotic look to your home and office spaces then Mstone offers you wide range of copper quartzite stone and that too at competitive prices.

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  1. Hi! Very incisive and informational post.Just looking to renovate my home next month i think the copper quartzite stone would be perfect for that. Also it is available at reasonable prices not too expensive.

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