Different Stones That Can Be Used For Your Floor

Material used for flooring of any house differs from house to house and taste to taste. Some people love stone material (marble, stone veneers, granite etc.) while some other may prefer wood. Well, each material has its own charm and has its own place in the hearts of the home owners. Even though you can practically use any material for nay home, there lies the question of aesthetics, practicality, functionality, cost and preferences! Some stones are very pretty but so soft that they cannot hold the proper weight or are very costly! Here are the options available to different home owners:

Well, if you fascinated by Italian homes and their interiors, opt for Travertine. They are the perfect hot water spring rocks, cream/white in color and look ever so beautiful in a big, contemporary home! It reflects sunrays and other light sources and thus can be used for decorative and accent purposes. It is a natural stone, quarried in many parts of the world. Well, the only disadvantage is the fact that it cannot hold much pressure because it is a soft rock. So use it with care and precaution.

Stone veneers or manufactured stone is another great stone that can be used in many homes. Natural stones are bulky, breakable and very cumbersome! Thus, using the stone veneers is better because you can have all the advantages of a natural stone but can get rid of all the drawbacks! For more information on stone veneers, visit the leading supplier MStone: http://www.mstone.us.com/

Well, granite is another great stone that can used for flooring, on walls, accent areas etc. It is strong, hard and durable. Natural granite has various colors because of the “naturalness”. It is one of those stones which not look pretty but is durable, functional and practical, for most part of your home. They range from black, white, gray to stripes in shape and color. Pick up yours depending on where you are trying to fit it and how well it can blend with your surroundings. It usually looks good in kitchen of old homes or any part of a new, modern house!

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