Get that Elegant Look to Any Exterior and Interior Home Design with Ledgestone Panel

Whether you choose to cover the floors or your walls with natural stones, stones add instant solidity, luxury and grandeur. Though, many types of natural stones like marble, granite, sandstone etc. are being used, the latest trend these days are ledge stone panels that are widely being used for outdoor as well indoor wall cladding decoration.

We at ‘Mstone’ supply ledge stone in both stone face as well as ledge face style. Ledge stone panels offered by us get you the sophisticated look of stonework to any external or internal home design or any commercial project. Ledgestone stone panels do bring out the best in your design plan due to endless possibilities of colour and texture.

Ledge stone panels are much more durable than stones and is much tougher and damage resistant than rock. Moreover, this stone has the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions like heat, cold, sunlight, moisture, and that too without peeling, fading or eroding. It also holds up against pests, insects and other forms of wear and tear.

Ledge Stone Panels from ‘Mstone ‘ can be used for fireplace stone, retaining walls, swimming pools, spa walls, outdoor barbeques, and more. These stones indeed offer three unique finishes: Traditional, Light and Contemporary that range from rough to smooth.
We offer the lowest possible prices for Natural Ledgestone Panels and you can be rest assured about the product quality, workmanship, customer service and attention to every detail. The products offered by us can also be made available in customized sizes be it hand cut or machine cut.
Feel free to browse through our site to have a glimpse at the wide range of stones designed for interior as well as exterior use.

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