Jazz Up Your Fire Place With Stone Veneer

So you bought a house or a big apartment very recently. Clearly, you are in a mood to jazz it up or at least give it a face lift Well, ask any homeowner or interior designer/decorator which is the hardest and the toughest place to redo and redecorate and the chances are they will say the fireplace! Fireplaces, traditionally, have been a place where families gather up and stay warm but over a period of time they have been neglected and not taken care of. Thus, they have become eyesores and new home owners try to spruce it up and beautify it as much as possible.

Well, after all, it is a huge area so it should not be a bad sight! Did you know that especially in such places, stone veneers are the best way to spruce it up. The good news is you do not have to think too much or spend for a natural stone supplier a lot because it is inside the house and you are not dealing with exteriors. For exteriors, temperature, climate, rainfall etc. comes into play and you have to play it safe. But if it’s an interior place, you can run wild with your imaginations and try to give your old fireplace some personality!

Stone veneers can be easily fitted over the fireplace or any accent area if the surface (in this case usually brick or non brick) is properly treated before veneer installation. By treatment, we mean, application of scratch coat. If the bricks are painted, scratch coat will not stay and thus not required. But if the bricks are not painted, you can apply a scratch coat before actual veneer application. If the bricks are rough, it may be a difficult job but if they are smooth, then the coat will be great and easy.

Now, for the actual stone veneer, you can choose between natural, faux and cultured veneers. Natural stone is the real and original stone and not really a veneer. The other two are veneers and your supplier will be a better judge as to what will be better for your fireplace. For more information on stone veneers, visit us at http://www.mstone.us.com

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