Learn To Distinguish Between Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Tiles

Whether it is patio redecoration, renovation of your kid`s room or refurbishing your entire living room, these decisions need to be taken with utmost care because they are close to your heart! Who does not want a calm bathroom or a beautiful living room? We all want our houses and homes to reflect who we are and somehow be in sync with our personalities.

Thus, choosing the right colors, hues, materials etc. is very important and critical. In fact, when you think of renovation, you usually first start thinking about the ceilings, floor and the materials that need to be used because it forms the basis of everything else. Thus, getting the material right is very crucial.

Depending on the space you are renovating, excellent materials like ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles can be used. But each space needs different tiles and design because each of them has different qualities, advantages and utility factors.

• When it comes to installation, ceramic tiles are easy to handle and quick to install. Next comes porcelain because it requires a lot of care to handle and in fact, takes time and extra cost to actually install it. Most expensive is the stone tile. One small chip and the entire tile need to be replaced. Because of its “naturalness”, it does not have the same size and sets and thus “adhesiveness” becomes a problem

• Porcelain is the toughest material and thus good for spaces where “Ruff and Tuff” activities can take place. It does not chip easily. Stone chips easily but because of its natural colors and unevenness, it is not very visible or noticeable. Porcelain comes in different shapes, colors and sizes but it can chip easily because it is delicate

• Well, the cost of the material is very important to most families. If you are on a low budget, go for ceramic tiles because they are relatively cheap. Natural stone is the most expensive!

• Well, after cost, comes the “beauty” factor. Stone might be costly but has the best look going for it. Porcelain and ceramic try also look good in appropriate places and spaces

• For many spaces (bathrooms, patio, kitchen etc.) the tiles need to be moisture/water resistant and not get soiled easily. Stone tiles have a wide range from being resistant to being water sensitive and thus it depends on what you choose. So, if not stone, then go for ceramic tiles because they are comparatively more resistant and do not go bad with water. But they also are costlier and more difficult to install than other materials
Think carefully before installation – spend money wisely!

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