Quartzite Stone-An Exclusive Natural Stone

Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that has evolved from sandstone. These stones are harder than slate, due to presence of quartz particles in it. These stones are used for both interior as well as exterior décor especially for interior cladding and flooring and table tops.

These stones are available in Natural, Tumbled, Polished and Brushed antique finish. All these types provide different look and bring out the beauty present in the depth of stone. These stones are available in small slab size and tiles.

Quartzite is very resistant to harsh chemical attacks and has high abrasion hardness. It is highly durable and is suitable for all types of construction projects. All this and more has made it all the more popular amongst architects, interior decorators, building contractors, and homeowners.

We at Mstone are engaged in supplying and exporting a wide range of quartzite such as him white quartzite natural, him white quartzite sandblasted and him black quartzite natural. Our control of mQuartzite Stoneining and production facilities endows us with the ability to tailor our clients order as per their specification and beyond the perimeters of what is publicized, something that actually sets us apart from our counterparts.

Though there are numerous properties of this stone, informed architects favour it for being classy and forever modern. So, if you are looking for high quality quartzite stone for your home and office décor, Mstone can be the right place to be at.

Browse through our site www.mstone.us.com/products/quartzite.php for further queries and information.

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