Stone Veneer – Advantages and Drawbacks

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Today`s trend in decor and interiors is all about the “natural look”. Now, you can splurge and get the real stuff in the house. But if you are on a budget but still want a beautiful, cozy looking house with all natural stuff, it is possible by using stone veneers. Stone Veneers are usually used to create a whole looking natural stone look and to give an authentic touch to your bedroom or living room (sometimes even fireplaces, deck, bathroom, kitchen etc.).
But as every coin has two sides, there are a few disadvantages or drawbacks that stone veneer face – either during installation or during the maintenance phase!

  • First and foremost is the cost factor. Stone veneers are easy to install as compared to natural stones and they take less time to install. So, definitely they are cheaper than the actual/natural stone. But you need to choose your veneer properly. If you choose a very hard veneer which is difficult as compared to a soft real stone, the chances are , the veneer may end up being more costly. So it comes down to what you choose and what your preferences are
  • Most stone veneers weigh less than the natural stone. So please see what the walls of that area can hold or need. If those walls cannot support the natural stone, than stone veneer makes the perfect sense. In fact, because of its light weight, it can be fitted anywhere you want!
  • The main issue with stone veneers is the fact that if you want to renovate a separate area (accent area) like corners or fireplace etc., getting the right / matching stone veneer is difficult
  • Stone veneers are easy to install as compared to the natural stone. So many people, prefer veneers over natural stone especially while re-decorating and renovating smaller, tight areas
  • Stone veneers are also not very thick as compared to natural stone. This makes it perfect for smaller and tight spaces

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