The Reality Behind Stone Veneers

Most engineers and stone manufacturers claim that stone veneers are fat more durable, easier to install and of course look much better than the actual stone itself. But does the reality of stone veneers and other manufactured materials limit itself to appearance and beautification – or does it transcend beyond the superficial pros?

Let us take a look at a home, situated in a humid region (Mumbai or Florida?) Do you think homeowners do not want a rustic, warm look for their homes in Florida? But do you think it is advisable for them to install actual stones and natural rocks to beautify the interior or exteriors of their home? Well, if they do, it will be disastrous because the rocks have a tendency to absorb moisture (they are porous and the moisture seeps in). This causes damage to the structure of the house in the long run and is definitely not advisable. Now, this is where stone veneers can come to play. Home owners may still want the rustic look going on in the exteriors of their home and thus using stone veneers will solve the problem. Because it is synthetic, it is durable and moisture resistant (no to mention fire proof). All you need to do is install the veneer siding and that’s it – you are good to go. No paint or added touches are required.

Stone veneers are thus, especially useful and advantageous if you are remodelling the exteriors of your home (exteriors need to be weather resistant). Whether you are staying in a humid, coastal area or an area which has to battle the harsh sun or even harsh snow – stone veneers and manufactured material can come to your rescue. The best part is you can mix it with materials to make it stronger and more resistant according to your geographic location!

Of course, for all of the above, you will need to get hold of a good stone veneer manufacturer and supplier. Try MStone of Texas, USA! Visit us at to know more about our products and services, our shipping policies, rates and the widest range of veneers we have – just for you!

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